“Tok, the owner does not want to return my rent deposit. Landlord told me to find someone to replace the rent before I can get my deposit. This is not what he promised before”

Why would I need to be responsible to find another tenant? I’m not the owner of the house! This is bullying, and I’m not sure anymore whether I can get my deposit back. 

I want to use that deposit to pay another rental, now I don’t have enough money to look for a new house to rent. I felt like I have being scammed.

Be careful! You need to avoid this situation happens to you

Increase your knowledge and awareness by reading this book so you would never be situation like above.

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1) Preparations That Need To Be Made When Surveying A Rental Home

Reduce your risk of regretting the wrong decision. Be sure to do this preparation so that you are clearer with the choices you are about to make.

2) 7 Important Clauses of the Rental Agreement

This rental agreement can save your rights. Not just deposit money, but more than that. These 7 clauses are VERY IMPORTANT!

3) How to Calculate Stamp Duty House Rental Agreement

Lease agreement stamp duty is usually paid by the tenant. In this ebook there is a stamp duty formula that you can use so that you do not have to ‘press’ until you have to pay too high a rate.

4)How To Find A Suitable Home Rental

4 tips to find a rental house that you can use as a basic guide to find a rental house in order to reduce the feeling of regret from making a hasty decision without a clear plan.

5) House Rental Offers

Beware of the sweet mouth, fear you are mesmerized and pay more than the right rental rate.


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Must I read this ebook?

Obligatory but not a sin if you do not read. Just make it easier for you to decide before renting anywhere and reduce the risk of being scammed!

There are many irresponsible owners out there and unregistered agents hovering around looking for victims to take advantage of.

Download, read and use this ebook as a guide to finding a place to rent that is safe and suitable for you.

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